Why we choose to roast coffee

Our objective as a business and a member of the community is to contribute to the quality of life experienced within that community. To us, being a part of a community means contributing with integrity.

As you can see, coffee is our thing. That being said, we regularly reflect on how we are meeting our business goals while also maintaining our commitment to our community objectives. We believe coffee has a lot more to offer than just a morning wake up call.

What we value

Quality > Quantity

We strive to work with integtrity and intention by producing the best products we can, day to day, without compromising for less.


By continuously engaging our customers and those around us, we can better grow and serve around community

Do Good

Coffee is a very people centric business, and so, we always do our part for the planet and people on such planet

Why we love Esquimalt

We’ve been enjoying our Esquimalt neighbourhood for years, providing customers with locally roasted coffee excellence.

Specialty coffee roasted in-house, local deliveries, tasting previews, subscriptions and good conversation - that’s what we’re all about!

Roasting coffee in-house gives us many advantages, including product selection, quality control and control over supply. These aspects fundamentally help us in our efforts to maintain standards and provide a product with genuine value.

for conversation

The story of coffee is a layered and complex one. It’s a story that involves various incarnations, and details which can include sustainability, farming, climate and politics, just to mention a few. All perfect opportunities for conversation over a cup of coffee.

Coffee can be a very mysterious product. There are so many questions; where does it come from? Who do you purchase from? How does one choose the coffees to roast? What is your specialty product roasting process? People are naturally curious and often look to us for the answers.

We love to engage in these conversations, not only because we love chatting with our customers about coffee, but it also provides us with some insights into how we might better meet the needs of our growing community. When customers come to us in search of a conversation about coffee, we see this as an opportunity to shed some light on the mystery.